Puerto Rico

How about mission trips to Puerto Rico? Infinite World Missions specializes in mission trips for teenagers. Plan your mission trips to Puerto Rico now. Even though Puerto Rico is a U.S. territory, Puerto Ricans face challenges that many Americans do not. Over 45% of the population live below poverty, making it significantly poorer than the poorest U.S. state (Mississippi). Youth grow up deprived of material security as well as a male role model. Only 11% of the population has a college degree, while 62% fail to complete high school – the highest dropout rate in the USA. These low education levels are linked to unemployment, poverty, and crime issues.

And now with more problems left by Hurricane Irma & Maria…Who Will Help Puerto Rico?

  • Hurricane Irma & Maria may have pushed the island’s economic recovery so far back it’ll now take 12 to 13 years to recover.
  • Irma & Maria, Category 4 storms, left most of Puerto Rico’s 3.4 million residents without electricity and water and destroyed the homes of thousands.
  • Puerto Rico was already struggling before Irma & Maria hit, as it faced a more than $70 billion debt.

Whether you Donate money or serve by planning mission trips to Puerto Rico with Infinite World Missions, you will be a part of this Ministry providing Puerto Ricans every opportunity to rise above the circumstances they have been given. This experience will grow your faith and expand your understanding of the complexity of poverty.